Digital Twins, Behavioral Patterns, Business Value in IT: The Topics AMC Bridge Discussed at D3D 2020 Live

October 30, 2020

In October, AMC Bridge held its sixth IT conference—D3D 2020 Live. This year, we have tried out the new online format and scheduled the presentations for different days.

Igor Tsinman, President of AMC Bridge, opened the event. In his talk, Igor shared his analysis of the impact of the global pandemics on engineering software development and related fields.

“We witness our clients pursuing revolutionary solutions and projects, which they used to put aside. On the contrary, the trivial solutions that only improve the processes without radically changing anything are now being put on hold as less relevant.”

Is the current crisis any different from earlier ones? Based on his 28 years of experience in the IT-sphere, Igor sees the difference in a drastic shift to remote processes and cloud solutions. Another hallmark is the new hybrid technologies that appear in the engineering industry: robotic technologies, 3D scanning, Computer Vision, and so on.

Two days following the D3D start, we discussed business value. Oleksandr Korop, Senior Software Engineer, explained what makes business value so important and why any developer should care.

“When you simply follow the task description, it may seem that business value is out of your scope. However, your input may be critically important at times.

Does the solution work? Will the user say: “Thank you, guys! That’s exactly what I need!”? If not, nothing else matters. No matter what your position is, if the user is not happy with the solution, you haven’t done your job properly.”

Dmytro Buzoveria, Director of the Cloud Computing department, focused on behavioral patterns on customer projects he has been observing for over 20 years of his career at AMC Bridge.

“Projects differ. What has worked on one project may have different consequences and require different solutions on the other. Therefore, it’s important to know about different behavioral patterns and ways of using them in each given situation.”

The fourth event at D3D 2020 Live was the Q&A session held by Maksym Ostrovskyi, PMO Manager at AMC Bridge, and Pavlo Pavlenko, Business Analyst at AMC Bridge. Why the story of our BA team is unique and why all AMC Bridge project managers can code are just a few questions that Maksym and Pavlo discussed during the session.

The conference closing presentation was delivered by Kateryna Hryhorenko, Senior Software Development Engineer. She told about her team’s experience in developing a digital twin of a room and how they ended up using the Unreal® Engine technology, a game engine, for the engineering software project.

“The application was supposed to create a 3D model with recognized geometry and enable the user to walk through the room and view information about objects. We decided to use Unreal Engine due to the high performance of its 3D viewer.”

Despite the new format, all the presentations were interactive, and the conference participants could ask the speakers questions during the Q&A part after each presentation.

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