Achievements and Objectives: AMC Bridge Summed Up the Results of 2018

Achievements and Objectives: AMC Bridge Summed Up the Results of 2018

Past year's achievements and new challenges were presented by Igor Tsinman, President, and Vadym Synakh, COO, at the traditional core team meeting.

Vadym Synakh has paid special attention to the growth of AMC Bridge in his presentation. Having increased by 40% within a year, the company now has more than 500 technical specialists. AMC Bridge will sustain this pace due to its geographical expansion. The fifth development center is opening in January 2019 in Lviv. Meanwhile, the Khmelnytsky center celebrated its first important date in 2018 - the 5th anniversary, and then the round figure -  100+ employees. Despite the rapid growth, AMC Bridge has the attrition rate, which is lower than the world's one and 96% of employees are ready to recommend AMC Bridge as an employer.


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Last year also was marked by company active involvement in the training of future developers. Intensive Course on 3D Programming and Computer Graphics for students has been already launched in three cities, and it will start at Sumy State University in February. So far in Sumy, a course for QA specialists is underway. In addition, AMC Bridge held its 4th annual D3D conference. This year, the conference was focused on usage of AI and Cloud technologies for developing of Engineering applications, as well as on discussions of core elements of Computational Geometry and 3D modeling. This year the event was attended by more than 150 people and was streamed live to all company development centers in Ukraine.

Igor Tsinman has dwelt on the latest trends in the industry and the prospects for the company in his presentation. One of the trends among vendors was the optimization of materials and time expenditures, which led to the search for innovative approaches in production. As a result, software vendors provide solutions that help to coordinate the construction process with one application. The process of digitization becomes more global that enables the company to provide its expertise in more industries.


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About AMC Bridge

AMC Bridge has been delivering innovative solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM and PLM applications for over 15 years, cooperating with the world leaders like Autodesk, DS SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft, PTC and Siemens. Company headquarters are located in the USA, and five development centers are operating in Dnipro, Khmelnitsky, Sumy, Chernivtsi and Lviv.


Jan 15, 2019