The Campus is when you study modern technologies and get acquainted with the software development work processes working on a training and then customer project under a team leader’s mentorship.

At the Campus, trainee developers study communication models within a team in practice, engage in inter-team interactions, and learn to work effectively with various workgroups.

The trainee developers apply modern technologies and work on real projects published in app stores with thousands of downloads.

You can become a Campus trainee if you study at or have graduated from a post-secondary institution in a related technical field. If a student, you can join from the second semester of the second or up to the sixth study year. If a graduate, there should be no later than eighteen months from your graduation date. Commercial experience is not compulsory: we consider candidates with no or less-than-a-year experience.

Showing good results, you will get a regular rate increase and a system of bonuses when moving from one training stage to another. The duration of each stage is flexible: it depends on your demonstrated results and success. On average, the training program lasts less than a year.

To join the team, just provide your curriculum vitae to us and pass one or two interviews depending on your experience.

  • 200+ developers
  • 110+ team leaders

Campus results

  • 80+ published applications
  • 450 000+views on the YouTube™ video community
  • 80 000+CADtoEarth™ technology demonstration downloads

Released tools

How to enroll

  • Curriculum vitae

    Fill in the form and
    upload your curriculum vitae.
  • Test assignment and interview.

    Show your knowledge and
    tell your strengths.
  • Welcome to our

    Get your offer and
    begin work on a real project.