Data Integration Engineer

Надіслати резюме
Місто: Дніпро, Хмельницький, Суми, Чернівці, Львів


Product costing software that provides access to cost and manufacturing data. With intuitive, self-service access to product cost information, project leads, managers, key stakeholders, and other users can track the progress of cost management initiatives and make decisions based on reliable and detailed product cost data.

The project is a software solution that provides manufacturers and product companies with real-time product cost assessments throughout the development and production process.  


1+ years of software development or data integration experience.

EDUCATION: BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Math, or Engineering.


  • Strong analytical and SQL skills
  • Deep knowledge and experience with data integration tools and techniques
  • Experience with MSSQL is an asset
  • Knowledge of Java, PowerShell, Excel is an asset
  • Intermediate speaking, reading, and writing skills in English


  • Create and update the database structure
  • Update data in the database importing data from third-party providers
  • Import data from the database
  • Validate automation test results
  • Develop a test automation framework
  • Attend daily stand-ups, planning sessions, and sprint reviews


  • Competitive salary
  • Professional and friendly team
  • Convenient office location
  • Comfortable workplace
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paid vacation, sick days, etc.
  • Medical insurance
  • Possibility of business travel abroad