We provide very comfortable working conditions:

  • 24+ days of paid-time off

  • 11 official national holidays

  • Paid sick leave

  • Partial carry-over of vacation days to the next year

  • Flexible work hours



In AMC Bridge we know the importance of health and comfort. That is why all our employees are covered by health insurance by one of the best insurance companies.

  • 24/7 consultation

  • Ambulatory care, emergency, hospitalization

  • Insurance programs for relatives

Sports and Relaxation

Sports and Relaxation

We have arranged special areas for active or quiet rest for making comfortable breaks and communicating with teammates. Also any our employees can join football or table tennis team in order to compete with other software development companies in regional and All-Ukrainian tournaments.

  • Relax rooms

  • Sports and tabletop games

  • Video game consoles

AMC Bridge Clean Code Cup

AMC Bridge Clean Code Cup

High-quality software development is a defining feature of AMC Bridge. That’s why we strive to create the perfect conditions for our employees to produce quality code. 

  • Annual competition among developers

  • Interesting challenges

  • Great prizes

Tech Talks & DevChat

Tech Talks & DevChat

Constant professional development is essential for maintaining effective leadership, that’s why AMC Bridge regularly holds work chats for developers, where they can ask more experienced specialists for advice. Also we arrange open tech meetups and seminars to share our knowledge and talk to the community .

  • Sharing experience

  • Holding internal seminars and lectures

  • Attending international conferences 

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